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Tooth Extraction for Pain Management

Tooth removal is also known as tooth extraction and involves removing the tooth and root. It creates a gap along the jawbone which can then be filled utilizing tooth socket grafting. Some patients are nervous about tooth extraction but here at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles we can provide the services in a comfortable setting utilizing sedation dentistry.

When is Tooth Extraction Needed?

There are many different reasons to have a tooth extraction. It might need to be removed because of trauma either to the jaw or the tooth itself. Part of the tooth might break off or fracture, which can be painful, and when the tooth cannot be fixed by either a crown placement or bonding agent it might need to be removed. In those situations where a patient’s mouth is too crowded a tooth extraction may be warranted too.

Simple Tooth Extraction

A simple tooth extraction occurs when the tooth is already loose and easily moved in the gum structure. It does not require invasive cutting into the gum tissue to extract it. This procedure only requires a local anesthetic to perform and can be taken care of in a single office visit. Forceps are used to then extract the tooth. With a minimal amount of bleeding around the extraction site, it will completely heal in less than a week.

Impacted Tooth Extraction

In those cases where wisdom teeth are impacted in the jawbone and fail to erupt through the gum line properly, they need an impacted tooth extraction. Typically, patients have a great deal of pain at the tooth site when these teeth begin to move and try to erupt. This involves a more complicated procedure where the teeth need to be cut out of the bone. This can be done either under a local or general anesthetic to provide comfort.

Tooth Root Removal

There are some cases in which the roots of a tooth may remain stuck in the gums after a tooth falls out on its own. This can cause pain and in fact, cause other dental problems if not properly extracted. These are also extracted under local anesthesia in a quick procedure.

Following Tooth Extraction

The empty socket that remains following a tooth extraction needs proper care in order to completely heal. There may be some lingering pain symptoms associated with the procedure. In those cases, over-the-counter or even prescription pain medication can help. Ice packs applied to the side of the face can help too. Gauze is placed over the empty socket and changed every three to four hours after the procedure until the bleeding stops.

Healing can be helped by ingesting cold drinks and soft foods for the first few days to give the site a chance to heal. Staying away from hard food is important to ensure that the sutures are not ruptured. Patients should also avoid using a straw for a few days too as the increased pressure can pop sutures and reopen the wound.

Feel free to get in touch with us at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles to discuss the possibility of tooth extraction, especially if you are suffering with a tooth that is causing pain. We are also available by phone at 856-667-3737 to set up your appointment or to talk over the options available to you.
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