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Mouthguards for Sports

Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouthThe majority of athletes wear mouthguards while they play their sport. Furthermore, mouthguards are often required equipment for numerous sports and games. We recommend wearing a mouthguard even if there is no requirement. Teeth are strong and able to withstand some impact, but they are also quite fragile. Thankfully, there are a couple of types of mouthguards you can get although we recommend investing in a custom-fitted one because it is the best at preventing injury. Schedule a consultation today by contacting us at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles.

How do they work?

Mouthguards reduce the risk of injury to your face and mouth. They are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for contact sports. In baseball, basketball, football and any other sport involving a ball, there are high chances of that said ball hitting your face or head and causing dentofacial injuries.

The American Dental Association states that players who wear a mouthguard are 82 to 92% less likely to experience teeth and jaw (dentofacial) injuries. Furthermore, mouthguards reduce the risk and severity of head injuries. They help to stabilize your jaw and absorb the shock that you receive when experiencing head trauma. Many studies have shown that mouthguards significantly reduce the risk of concussion. Custom-fitted mouthguards are twice as likely to prevent traumatic brain injury or concussion compared to the typical over-the-counter (OTC) mouthguards.

Type of mouthguards

There are a few types of mouthguards that you can invest in. Over-the-counter mouthguards are the least expensive but also the least effective. You can purchase these ones from any retail or online store that sells sporting equipment. The next type is called boil and bite. These cost a bit more but also offer much more protection. As the name implies, you simply put them in a pot of boiling water to soften the plastic, then bite into it when it is cool to mold into your dental shape. Finally, the most protective but also the most costly is a custom-fitted mouthguard. These are form-fitting and offer the best protection by far. This is the type that all dentists will recommend.

Custom-fitted mouthguards

While you meet with your dentist, they can explain the whole process to you. They will provide you with instructions on how to properly use the custom-fitted mouthguards and how to keep it clean. They will take an impression or mold of your mouth using a U-shaped tray. The tray will be filled with a thickened liquid that forms around your teeth and hardens when you bite the tray. The material is then easily removed from your teeth. The process is quick and painless and the only difference from this explanation to what you receive in the office is the material being used.

After this happens, your dentist will send the dental mold to a lab so they can process it and turn the impression into a material that can harden and replicate your teeth. Then they will custom-fit the mouthguards around the impression that was customized for you. Please contact Cherry Hill Dental Smiles by calling 856-667-3737 today. We can take care of all your mouthguard needs.
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