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Sports Guards

Indulging in sports activities can make you susceptible to injuries, particularly your mouth or even other body parts. Many athletes tend to wear sports helmets, but forget to wear sports mouthguards. A sports helmet will protect your head, but it may not offer optimal protection to your mouth. Sports mouth protectors are put on the top arch of teeth where they protect the users from knocking out their teeth, breaking their teeth, or cutting their lips. Our dentist may recommend a sports mouthguard to athletes who have braces or other dental appliances and restorations within the lower region of the mouth. When you make a trip to our office at [[[CLIENTEXPracticeName]]], we will construct a customized sports mouth protector for your specific needs.

Sports guard from Cherry Hill Dental Smiles in Cherry Hill, NJ

What is a Sports Mouthguard?

A dentist recommends a sports mouthguard since it is a dental appliance designed for active athletes who want to protect their bite. These sports mouthguards are a form of an oral appliance that people wear over their arch of teeth in order to get protection against oral injuries during sports activities. The appliances come in different types such as pre-made and custom-made mouthguards.

Who Needs Mouthguards?

If you take part in sports, you should wear a mouthguard because they are a line of defense against oral injuries. These protective equipment are designed for individuals who engage in activities involving falls, flying equipment, and making bodily contact. People who play baseball, soccer, baseball, rugby, boxing, football, and other contact sports need sports mouthguards.

Additionally, athletes who wear braces may consider wearing mouthguards to protect their prosthetics. Moreover, if you have dental restorations like bridges and crowns within the lower jaw, you may want to wear a mouthguard while participating in sports activities. The mouth protectors will prevent dental restorations or prosthetics from being damaged. Kids engaging in mountain biking, skateboarding, and other outdoor activities need also to wear mouthguards to protect their mouths.

We make customized sports mouthguards for you based on your specific needs. When we fabricate a mouthguard for you, it will fit your mouth perfectly, ensuring that it is comfortable and does not fall out during playtime.

Benefits of Sports Mouthguards

It is expensive and painful to have to repair or replace a missing tooth arising from sports injuries. Instead of risking your teeth being knocked out, you can consider wearing a mouth protector. A sports mouthguard protects your mouth and teeth from nerve damage. It prevents breaking and chipping teeth. What’s more, it prevents tooth loss. Wearing the protectors prevents the damage caused to soft tissues within the tongue, lips, and cheeks in addition to the gums.

Caring for Your Mouthguard

You should avoid chewing your mouthguard since it weakens its effectiveness in protecting the mouth. When you end your sports session, look at the mouthguard to find out if there are damages. If you notice any, come to our office for a replacement of the mouthguard. Clean your mouth protector to eradicate bacteria and plaque that tend to form on its surface.

To get your sports mouthguard, visit our team at [[[CLIENTEXPracticeName]]]. Contact us at to book your consultation appointment for mouthguard fabrication. We will guide you on the options we have and how to use and care for them.

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