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Periodontal Maintenance and Care

Diagram of periodontitis and healthy toothPeriodontitis is a condition that is caused by poor oral hygiene and is easily avoided. If needed, periodontal is a dental condition that will require ongoing and regular maintenance. This generally consists of a deep cleaning, similar to the one you should be receiving twice yearly. Then your dentist will administer a round of antibiotics followed by regular deep cleanings to prevent further decay and infection. Not only is periodontitis attributed to poor oral hygiene, but it can also create long term health issues outside of your mouth.

Periodontal maintenance and care are used in order to prevent these issues from getting worse and ensuring that your teeth and mouth are as healthy as possible. Schedule a consultation today by contacting us at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles.

As stated, periodontitis is a serious condition caused by bad oral hygiene. It can be extremely painful and will cause tooth decay and infection of the gums and teeth. Furthermore, the bacteria created by periodontitis can travel through your bloodstream and affect other parts of your body outside the mouth. Periodontitis decays the teeth and gums to form holes or pockets where plaque, tartar and other debris can build. This makes these pockets a prime stop for bacteria to form inside of your mouth. This is because these holes are very difficult to clean at home without the presence of a professional. Additionally, your gums might bleed and the roots of your teeth may be exposed, leading to awful pain and discomfort. Periodontal maintenance makes sure that this issue does not become more severe than it currently is and helps to alleviate some of the pain you are experiencing.

Regular cleanings

Due to the severity of periodontitis, you will receive cleanings more frequently than twice a year as is recommended by our dentists. Your dental staff will decide on a cleaning schedule based on how quickly the plaque or tartar from. They will also take into consideration the inflammation, bleeding, individual medical history and your own personal self-care routine. In most cases, you will receive periodontal maintenance three or four times a year.

This type of maintenance uses anesthesia because the condition often causes pain for the patient. After the dental professional administers anesthesia, the dental hygienist will use a scaler to clean your teeth and gums. The scaling process is when the dental hygienist uses a sharp curved tool to pull away from the tartar and plaque from your teeth. This is normal in-office cleanings but during periodontal maintenance, they will go deeper and scale the entire tooth and gums.

Dental examination

Furthermore, the dentist will examine your gums and teeth for any more holes or pockets. Then, they will address these issues with your request in mind. They will look for inflammation and measure the exact size of the pockets to determine if they have enlarged. On the awful chance they have grown, the dentist will discuss a more intensive treatment plan with you. This is because the pockets have more harmful bacteria if they have grown. The dentist will then also clean the pockets using an antibacterial solution.

At-home care

You will need to exhibit extraordinary at-home oral hygiene in order to prevent periodontitis and the spread of the disease. You will need to brush twice daily and floss every day. The American Dental Association recommends brushing for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste. It is recommended that you use a soft-bristled brush, so you are gentle with your teeth and gums. After the dental team does your initial periodontal cleaning, they may prescribe antibiotics. Please contact Cherry Hill Dental Smiles by calling 856-667-3737 today. We can take care of all your dental needs.
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Periodontal Care and Maintenance - dentist Cherry Hill, NJ - Cherry Hill Dental Smiles
Periodontal maintenance and care are used to ensure that your teeth and mouth are as healthy as possible. Call Cherry Hill Dental Smiles today to schedule an appointment!
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