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Rendering of removable partial dentureAccording to the American Dental Association, there are more than 120 million people in the United States that have lost one or more teeth. Furthermore, almost 30 million of these people have no teeth at all (edentulous). Dentures are a restorative procedure and item that give your mouth and teeth normal functioning. The type and material of dentures that will work for you will be discussed with your dentist when you visit their office for a consultation. Schedule your denture consultation by contacting us at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles.

Why are they important?

The loss of one or more of your teeth can cause numerous issues. You may not have normal functioning teeth or maybe you feel self-conscious when you smile. Dentures will not only give you a normal functioning bite but they will also give you a smile again. Most people cannot tell the difference between your dentures and normal teeth.

Denture types

There are many types of dentures and they depend on the severity of your tooth damage or loss. You will either receive full or partial dentures. Partial dentures are created for people who are missing one or a small section of their teeth. These use the tissue and natural teeth that are already in your mouth to support the denture. They are made from a combination of metal and plastic. On the other hand, complete dentures are made to replace teeth for people who have lost all or the majority of them. These types of dentures have a plastic base, resembling your gumline and either porcelain or plastic teeth. These dentures are also supported by the soft tissues in your mouth.

There are three styles of dentures you will receive. They are immediate, overdenture and conventional. Immediate dentures are inserted on the day of tooth removal and may need to be realigned after you have recovered fully from the procedure. These are also called same-day dentures. Overdentures cover the natural teeth and are similar to how dental implants function. Furthermore, conventional dentures can take a few months to complete as they are processed after your tooth removal. You must wait for the tissues to heal fully before placing these. You can remove each of these denture types.


Different denture types require different processes. Each of them begins with our dentist taking an impression of your teeth and an x-ray of your jaw and tooth structure. After your dentist gets the impression, they will send them to a dental lab for processing. Then they will make a mold that will become your permanent denture. You will then have a few follow-up visits where individual parts of your new dentures are fitted. Once every part has been properly fitted, the lab can process the final piece which will complete the process.

Caring for your dentures

Your dentures will need the same and more care than your natural teeth. When you are not wearing your dentures, you will need to palace them in a cup with a denture cleaning solution or warm water. Do not put them in hot water as this will warp the shape and affect the fit of the dentures. Additionally you will need to clean your dentures every day using soap and water. Regarding your oral hygiene, you will need to rinse your mouth with non-alcohol mouthwash or something specific to dentures. This will prevent infection and other oral hygiene issues. Please contact Cherry Hill Dental Smiles by calling 856-667-3737 today. We can take care of all your denture needs.
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