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Parents understandably have many questions about their children’s oral health and dental care. Teaching your little one good habits at an early age can help them develop strong teeth and healthy gums throughout their life. At Cherry Hill Dental Smiles we truly care about your child and want to help them have a beautiful smile, no matter their age!

Frequently Asked Questions from Parents Like You

These eight questions about dentistry for kids are some of the more common ones that we encounter at our office!

When should I schedule my child’s first dental appointment? We recommend following the guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics and advise your child’s first exam at age 1. This will help us establish a lasting relationship with your family and your child and help them form good habits that will keep their mouths healthy.

What is a pediatric dentist? Just like adults need dentists, so do children! Like regular dentists, we have four years of dental school, but we take two extra years of training to specialize in the care of children’s teeth.

Why do baby teeth matter? It is a common misconception that baby teeth are just going to fall out anyway, so why should you take care of them? Healthy teeth help your child learn how to eat and chew and can also affect their ability to learn how to speak and express themselves clearly.

How can I properly take care of my baby’s teeth and mouth? If your baby doesn’t have teeth yet, you can gently wipe down their gums with a soft cloth after nursing. If your baby does have teeth, you can use a small, soft-bristled brush with fluoride-free toothpaste. Once your child starts to learn how to brush their teeth on their own, you can supervise them with fluoridated toothpaste.

How much toothpaste does my child need on their toothbrush? You can use a soft washcloth on baby’s teeth and gums, but for children over the age of two, a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste is advised.

How can I teach my child good oral hygiene habits? You can lead by example and show your little one that brushing teeth is fun and exciting! Teach them how to brush and floss properly and give them stickers, praise, and little rewards as they develop good habits. Be firm but kind in teaching them, so they know that taking care of their teeth is not optional. For your babies, wipe down their mouths after nursing, and sing happy, upbeat songs as you do so.

Are cavities something I need to worry about? Tooth decay is a concern at any age. If your child has plaque (that sticky white buildup) on their teeth, that is a good sign that they may be prone to cavities. Once your child has one cavity, their chances are higher that they will get more. Teaching your child good dental habits can help prevent tooth decay from occurring (making sure they brush twice a day and floss every night), and making sure you schedule regular appointments with us can also ensure a healthy smile.

Does my child need a mouthguard for their sports? Absolutely. The risk of losing a tooth, sustaining a concussion, and getting a severe cut in their mouth is great when they play sports. Even if the sport is not a contact sport, sportsguards are extremely important.

If you have more questions for us, we are always happy to answer them! For more information, or to schedule an appointment with us at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles, please give us a call today at 856-667-3737.
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Dental FAQs for Kids - Cherry Hill Dental Smiles - Cherry Hill NJ
Dental FAQs for kids from parents like you. These questions are some of the more common ones that we encounter at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles! Call us now!
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