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Smiling woman on blue background at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles in Cherry Hill, NJ 08002-1252Bonding is a dental procedure that is done to restore both the look and function of teeth after injury or tooth decay. Bonding can be done as part of the treatment for these conditions or as its own procedure. Your dental office will use a composite resin for bonding. This makes it easier to eat and speak but also gives you a much more natural-looking smile. Schedule your dental bonding by contacting us at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles today.

Why is it important?

Mostly a cosmetic procedure, bonding does help to restore normal function to your mouth as well. Bonding is commonly used to fill gaps in the spaces when you have gaps between your teeth or need a tooth repair due to damage. Injuries like cracks in the teeth can be quite noticeable but bonding will help to blend this so that all of your teeth look uniform. This is also used after tooth discoloration or decay. Damaged or missing teeth can alter the way you speak and eat. Bonding fills in the gaps in your teeth, allowing you to function as if you had a full natural tooth.


The bonding procedure will take approximately thirty minutes to complete but can vary depending on the extent of the damage. You may also need to have a few bonding sessions in order to fully restore your teeth. Bonding does not usually require anesthesia and it is totally painless. That said, if you are having it done as part of another procedure, then the other parts may require anesthesia. Your dentist will discuss this prior to the appointment.

To begin, your dentist will compare available shades of resin so that the bonding will match the color of your natural tooth. They will then use a dental tool to give the tooth an abrasive texture, which helps the resin attach. After applying a conditioning liquid, which also helps the resin to attach, your dentist will apply the resin. Once the resin is on your tooth, we will mold it so that it matches the shape of your tooth. At first, this resin will resemble putty. However, using an ultraviolet light or laser, we are able to harden it so that it sets permanently. This is instantaneous, though your dentist may need to do some shaping or polishing to finalize the look.


Resin perfectly matches the natural tooth in appearance but it is more brittle. So, you will need to take caution to avoid damage or injury. You will receive further instructions at your appointment but this typically includes brushing and flossing on a daily basis and coming in for routine dental cleanings every six months. Your dentist may also recommend avoiding hard or sticky foods, tea, coffee and tobacco. The resin is especially vulnerable in the first few days following the procedure. Biting your nails could also damage the bonding.

This is a painless procedure; you will be able to resume most normal activity immediately. You should contact us right away if you experience any discomfort or notice chipping, breaking or a sharp feeling on the bonding. Please contact Cherry Hill Dental Smiles by calling 856-667-3737 today. We can take care of all your dental bonding needs. We also offer other restorative and cosmetic procedures like dental implants and Invisalign.
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Bonding is a dental procedure that is done to restore both the look and function of teeth after injury or tooth decay. Call Cherry Hill Dental Smiles!
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