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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants
Cherry Hill, NJ

Dentist showing a patient a 3D model of a dental implant at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles in Cherry Hill, NJ. The innovative research in dentistry has opened our doors to countless solutions to dental problems. If you have a tooth that needs extraction, you can get a perfect replacement for it in the form of dental implants to restore your carefree eating practices. Getting a dental implant can be overwhelming for some. If you wonder whether you are the right candidate for it, Deepika M. Reddy, DDS and at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles recommend a thorough examination of your teeth before deciding.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants act as replacement roots in the jawbone. Dental surgeons place implants in a patient's jaw to fit dentures or support crowns. As an effective anchor, dental implants are responsible for holding the denture in its place and allowing the patient to eat comfortably. Typically, doctors place dental implants surgically in the jawbone. In some cases, they also undergo an additional procedure known as bone grafting to restore the bone's damaged tissues.

Do I Need Dental Implants?

If you wonder whether you need a dental implant or not, you may evaluate a few factors beforehand. First, you may check if you have multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are ideal for patients with missing teeth problems. Conventional dentures often slip and break while eating. If you like to eat carefreely, you may opt for dental implants.

Another factor you may need to consider is your overall health and gum condition. Patients with poor health and underlying diseases may not be suitable for dental implant surgeries. The condition of your gums and jawbone plays a crucial role in decision-making. You may need additional procedures like bone grafting before getting implants if you have a weak or damaged jawbone. You may consult your dentist before making a decision.

Common Dental Implants FAQs

Many patients ask a few important dental implant FAQs before scheduling an appointment with their doctor. The most commonly asked questions include the differences between implants and bridges and implants and dentures. We have covered the primary differences below to help you decide.

Implants vs. Bridges

Dental bridges refer to false teeth supported by the teeth around them. Dental bridges are typically made from porcelain and are similar to natural teeth in appearance. On the contrary, dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed in a patient's jawbone. Typically made from titanium, dental implants are effective for missing tooth replacements.

Dental bridges may cost you less, but they may require periodic replacements due to color loss and cavities. Conversely, dental implants may cost you more but offer you long-term sustenance.

Implants vs. Dentures

Dentures are removable teeth replacements covering spaces where you have no teeth. You can quickly remove them, clean them, and place them in your mouth. Dental implants are permanent teeth replacements that fit into your jawbone through surgical procedures. You may need a dentist's assistance to remove or replace them. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not slip or come off while eating.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Appointment

If you need professional assistance in choosing the best dental procedure for tooth replacements, you may reach out to Deepika M. Reddy, DDS and at Cherry Hill Dental Smiles for a thorough consultation. Feel free to schedule your appointment today.
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